Version: 1 September 2015


All orders are accepted by TronixMaker via its webshop accordance with the terms of sale and export specified below:

1. General

These conditions of sale apply to all orders and contracts for the sale of products by TronixMaker, named hereafter "Seller". These conditions prevail over any other conditions, unless express written waiver issued by our sales manager.

2. Orders

2.1 Orders, quantity and availability

TronixMaker is a supplier for private as well as business customers. Orders can only be placed through the online sales site accessible from www.tronixmaker.com. For each order, the customer can view the contents of his order via his account on TronixMaker sales site. Unless otherwise agreed and expressly, any offer of Seller shall be valid only during the limited period of validity of 72 (reasonable time to pay for your purchase). The customer is notified by email of receipt of payment. From that moment the order is firm, always searchable via the retail customer account.

Unless otherwise indicated, the commands are accepted only within the limits of available stock. Quantities and product availability are given in the sheets of the sales site. In the case of payment by bank transfer and although article stock being counted during the passage of the control via the auction site, the actual availability is the day of receipt of the order. The time of receipt of payment is reflected in the exceptional case of competing orders.

You can order products by selecting the products you put in your shopping cart by clicking the "basket" button or "Add to Cart". At any time, you can view and edit the contents of your cart by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" button that lets you access its summary.
To validate your cart and place an order, you need to login using your username and password. If you do not have an account in our shop, you need to create one using the appropriate form (this step being possible during the finalization of the order).
After entering the exact elements of your identity and your shipping address, clicking "next", the delivery charges are calculated for your order, if necessary, several carriers are available, you can always go back to correct the data entered using the "back" button.
To permanently place your order, you must accept the terms and conditions by checking the appropriate box then clicking "Next", your order becomes final.
You must choose a payment method enter the requested information during the payment process.
Once completed the payment process, you are redirected to the auction site.
You receive an email from payment acceptance confirmation stating you the references of the order.

2.2 Selection of the carrier

During the order process on the online sales site, the system offers several possible carriers.
The system has its limits on the geographical location, the customer is required to select the carrier in line with the destination of the parcel. In case of incorrect selection, the service department will contact the customer to make the correction. In case of disagreement, the sale will be canceled.

2.3 Nonexistent Product order

The customer wants to order a product from one of our suppliers but not existing on the online sales site.
In this case, the Customer an email address info@tronixmaker.com specifying the object of his request.
Wherever possible, this request will result in an offer of Seller (valid 48 hours unless otherwise stated).
At the end of the offer, and if the case of creating a new section applies, the Client will be asked to use the online sales site to perform the control of the said article.
Otherwise, a specific invoice will be drawn up for the Customer's order.
In any event, any special order is payable within 72 hours from the date of acceptance of the offer.

3. Prices

3.1 All prices are inclusive of all taxes (TTC). Unless otherwise indicated, for every order placed differently by the online sales site, prices, terms of delivery and various costs (eg transport) still apply identically to those in force in the online sales site.

3.2 The Customer may contact us if they have an intra-community VAT number, that order on behalf of a company established outside the territory and wishes to carry out a transaction taxes. It is for the client to comply with the legislation in force.

3.3 For orders outside the European Union, the applicable price is expressed excluding taxes; the customer must conduct itself in efforts to comply with the legislation applicable in the country of delivery (this includes the payment of taxes, customs duties, etc.). These fees are paid in full by the Client.

4. Conditions and terms of payment

4.1. Unless otherwise stated, all orders must be paid before sending the parcel and within 72 hours of accepting a special order.

4.2. Payment for orders can be made by secure payment (PayPal, Visa, CB). No cash payment will be accepted.

Secure payments (including Visa, CB) are delivered in secure mode by the service provider PayPal.

You are not required to have a PayPal account to make a Visa or credit card payment.
Although Visa and CB transactions are executed immediately, they are financially validated the business day following the transaction.

4.3 In the context of trade relations, and in case of explicit agreement, all deliveries must be paid within 30 days from the date of issue of the invoice.

4.4. When exceeding the authorized term, the Customer is liable as from that moment, the legal interest rate in force in that country. In addition, the Customer is obliged to adjust the amount of at least 15% of the principal sum corresponding to cashing fees.

4.5. The Seller has the right to suspend deliveries pending the processing of bank payment or transfer / processing secure payment.

4.6. The Seller has the right to suspend further deliveries if payment is not settled in time.

5. Delivery

5.1. Delivery Time

Deliveries are made within 2 to 10 days.
The dates and delivery times are always provided for information purposes only.
The Seller is not responsible for any discrepancies and these do not give the Customer the right to cancel the contract.

5.2. The Seller is not responsible for loss, delay or damage occurred during the transportation of products.

5.3. Control Delivery - deterioration parcel

It is the Customer to control the content and condition of the package upon receipt and immediately issue its reservations to the carrier using the delivery in case of possible damage. Thank you to hold us informed.
Complaints are only valid when they are sent to the carrier on his terms.

5.4. Control Delivery ⁻ preparation error

Orders are prepared with great care. Except for obvious cases that the vent be treated by exchange of email within 12 hours, any order preparation errors must be reported by registered letter no later than one business day after receiving the package.

5.5. Claim with the carrier

The Client supports the claim procedures with the carrier, tracked and their associated costs. Customer is responsible to assert his right to compensation / guarantee with the carrier.

5.6. Product Acceptance

The Client is deemed to have accepted the Products when no complaint has been sent by registered to the Seller within one business day after delivery. A complaint does not suspend the payment obligation of the Customer and the Seller has vis-à-vis the right of inquiry of the complaint.

5.7. Abductions

To reduce transport costs, the Seller has provided for a system of removal by appointment only. When applicable, the appointment is submitted by email or phone when the seller acknowledges receipt of payment for the order. No removal will be accepted without an appointment.
In this case, the goods are kept available for a period of 15 days from the date of appointment outlet. Unless prior and after this period, the service department will contact the customer to inform them of the cancellation of the sale and its possible refund.
Any removal through an intermediary is subject to prior agreement with the Seller. Upon collection, the Customer or the designated intermediary is required to identify himself formally with coin identité.5.8. Sending in mailer

A shipment mailpiece can be accepted for orders of small amounts (below 10 eur TTC) or documentation.
A shipment mailer requires agreement obtained beforehand by email (info@mchobby.be) before the finalization of the said order.
In this case, the mode of delivery in the online sales site will be "Rapture" and the amount of the order plus the sum mentioned by email (for shipping).
Given the risk of possible loss of the mailer, the Customer assumes full, without any possible complaint, the consequences of such a mode of transport.

6. Right of withdrawal

6.1. Overview

The particular customer has a right of withdrawal of 5 days from the date of receipt. Return costs are at the customer's expense.

According to the legislation in force, CDs, DVDs, computer software including the package is opened, newspapers, magazines, books and guides as well as goods manufactured or customized to the client fail to benefit from the right of withdrawal.

Although is obvious, the right of withdrawal may no longer apply to products modified by the customer. This is typically the case of electronics / prototyping being welded and / or used as part of a project / prototype.

Any product must be returned complete in its original packaging and in their absence, in a package guaranteeing the integrity of the returned product.
The reference conditions must be identical to the shipping conditions (same type of transport and insurance level).

6.2. To cancel an order and / or provide a return, the customer must first contact Tronixmaker to obtain a return label and the re-shipping advice. We do not accept returns in against-refunding. No returns will be accepted without prior agreement.

6.3. For any return or cancellation, a credit is issued to the customer after receipt of the goods by the seller. The customer may on request, opt for a refund. The refund shall be made promptly and at the latest within 20 days after receipt of your return package.

7. Reservation

7.1. The Seller retains full and complete title to the Products until receipt of full payment due. Until that time, the Customer is not authorized to rent, lease or operate the products in another way.

8. Information on Products

8.1. The information contained in the documentation, catalogs or online site is for informational purposes only. The Seller is not responsible for damages, injuries, losses or costs resulting from any error or mistake in such information.

8.2. The Client himself assumes full responsibility for the adequacy of the ordered products and the appropriate use of these products.

9. Warranty

9.1 Products
9.1.a For any electronic product prototyping passive or active, cards, breakout, sensors that are "sold bare" and elements to be included in an assembly / project / prototype (as opposed to a TV / computer that is sold in its case and whose internal elements are not accessible), the warranty is 15 days dating from receipt of material (in the absence of receipt, it will be estimated ship date + 7 days). Exception: The manufacturer warranty if it is applicable for the product concerned.
9.1.b may not be guaranteed the products which are damaged by incorrect installation, bad utilsation, implementation, outside the recommended conditions of use.

9.2. When a product sold by the Seller has a specific warranty provided by its manufacturer, you must apply directly to it for everything concerning the warranty.

9.3 When the product is sold by the Seller as "Official Distributor" brand referred and for which the Seller provides warranty support IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE MANUFACTURER:
9.3.a are urged to contact the customer of the "customer service" TronixMakervia of the "contact" link to proceed with the analysis of your application.
A default 9.3.b, the Customer can go directly to the Seller by mail recommend (including copy of the invoice) to lodge an application to secure intervention (without returning the equipment).
9.3.c The customer will ensure check in advance the conditions and specific guarantees compensation to his product before introducing his complaint (see paragraph 9.1).

9.4 Return guarantees
9.4.a No product return is authorized or accepted without the explicit approval of TronixMaker technical service which will provide an RMA or equivalent.
9.4.b Your return must be accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice and other documents requested during the pre-phase technical support.
9.4.c The material must be returned in conditions guaranteeing its integrity. Any equipment damaged during transport back can be an intervention in guarantee.

9.5. Unless otherwise stated, the products manufactured by TronixMaker:
9.5.a are guaranteed one year from date of purchase. This warranty does not apply in cases of misuse or unwise use of the Products.
9.5.b The Customer must notify the Seller by registered letter, no later than 7 days after the defect revelation, otherwise it will no longer enforce that guarantee.

10. Force majeure

10.1. In case of force majeure, the Seller is not responsible and is empowered to extend the contract of observation or cancel. The term "Force Majeure" includes such strikes, damage to purchased products, damage to production equipment, etc.

11. Disputes

In case of dispute only will be competent the Courts of Bastogne (Belgium)